11 January 2006

Help needed for Simple Backup development.

I have long understood that to make a good free software project, having multiple authors/contributors is essential. To that end, while I am fixing bugs and writing a few new features into the main SBackup codebase (see Changelog), I am inviting new people to contribute to SBackup development.
Many users have a need for an essential feature - backup to removable media. With current architecture of SBackup this goal is quite easy to achieve, but it would take a lot of time away from bugfixing and some other important features that I plan to do before 1.0. Also this feature is very independent of the rest of code, so I think it would be great way for somebody else to help the development of SBackup to become the ultimate simple backup system for desktops and servers alike. I have written a specification of how the new functionality (codenamed BackupBurner) should function and there is already a half-ready Glade interface in the source code.
So - volunteers, please step forward out of the cosy confines of the lazyweb :)


Anonymous Dave Arter said...

If it's at all useful, please take any code you feel is relevant from pyBackPack. I've not had a lot of time to work on it since term started in September, and while I've not given up on it entirely, it'd be nice to see the code being put towards something under more active development than I've got time for.
PS - did you get an e-mail from a Jeff Schroeder back in October?

11 January, 2006 19:31  
Anonymous Eugene said...

Old good "I need someone to program"?
BTW, tested via with interesting results.

07 February, 2006 20:52  

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