24 December 2005

Learning TurboGears now. True MVC separation. Nice and powerful. Templates are valid XHTML documents (and not a mess of gibberish). Not much magic. I hate magic. Especially when it fails. I look forward to writing a task tracking system for a very special project in this framework. More about the project when it is launched. You're gonna love it ;)

Also I am going to visit my family - they still have no Internet, so I'll be mostly offline 'till the New Year (except for this and this). So I wish you all a Merry Christmas (note: there is absolutely nothing christian about Christmas - it existed like 2000 years before that character from Bible is born according to that book and in Latvian this day is called "Ziemassvētki" - "ziema" = winter, "svētki" = celebration) and a Happy New Year (if you are really an orthodox christian, why do you count years the new, non-christian way? you should be celebrating New Year on 13th of January like Christ did and the Orthodox church still does, because it uses Julian Calendar more then 420 years after it has been denounced)!

Oh, the fun of touting religious people ... of any religion ... :D Have fun everybody!

Footnote: in October I noted that there have been 11000 spam mails in my GMail spam box at that point (it stores only spam that has arrived in last 30 days). Today I am pleased to say that I can only see 4300 spam mails there today. It could be that GMail has implemented some procedures so that some spam does not even reach that folder, but I shall be very optimistic and say that amount of spam has declined! Maybe spammers are on holidays? If so, I wish they stay there :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Christmas was first celebrated as Christmas by early Christians who wanted to turn a day of sinful acts and celebrations in the Roman empire into something good. So they decided to celebrate Jesus's birth on that day.

Why don't other Christians use the Julian calendar like the orthodox Catholic church? Because there's no reason to use it. It doesn't matter what calendar one uses. The Catholic church does many, many things that have no Biblical basis whatsoever. Please do not judge all "Christians" by them.

24 December, 2005 04:43  
Anonymous Satanic mechanic said...

Wow, so many misconceptions in a single paragraph...

* Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus - that's why it is a Christian holiday.

* The date of Christmas was chosen so it could replace the Roman Saturnalia, the date of which in turn, came from the fact that they incorporated the winter solstice. I'm not sure where have you taken the 2000 BC figure from - the Saturnalia are much younger, and the celebration of winter solstice is much older.

* Jesus didn't celebrate the 1st of January, the less so the 13th. In fact, he didn't use the Roman calendar at all - he used the Jewish, lunar one instead.

* The celebration of the New Year on the 1st of January is a secular, Roman tradition, introduced by Julius Caesar.

* Similarly, the Julian calendar is a secular, Roman invention, introduced, again, by Julius Caesar. It was reformed by Pope Gregory XIII for purely religious reasons - to ensure that the Easter always falls in the first lunar month of the spring.

* Only some Orthodox churches still use the Julian calendar.

24 December, 2005 07:17  
Blogger Aigarius said...

There are so many ideas and conceptions and misconceptions about the whole afair that is quite funny that anyone actually thinks something of that is or could be definitive or real.

For example according to Wikipedia, most scolars nowadays agree that both Julian and Gregorian are off by 4-8 years (i.e. even if we trust the gospels, Jesus was born between 4 and 8 BCE).

24 December, 2005 08:01  

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