19 November 2005

Real fotoday

Today was the Independence day of Latvia. I spent most of it walking around the city of Riga with a camera and taking pictures. The weather was fantastic (except it was cold and icy) the colors that spread across the sky and people were truly amazing. I took lots and lots of pictures and managed to select 10 of them to upload to flickr for others to enjoy. Unfortunately none of 150 pictures I took during the fireworks are good enough for me to dare showing them around - the fireworks were kind of weak this year. Maybe next time.
So - I hope you'll enjoy looking at those pictures at least as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please check your HTML; you have br tags embedded in the href attribute of an a element.

19 November, 2005 02:15  
Blogger Aigarius said...

Fixed. That was Flickr's blog setup acting up a bit. Thank you for feedback.

19 November, 2005 02:22  

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