20 November 2005

Low fireworks & sbackup

The photo is from yesterday, but it is still new for most of you so the photo-a-day is still going strong for me :)
Today was spend in a very productive fashion - bugfixing. I had a lot of feedback for SBackup over last couple of months - it was time to fix some of the bugs people were reporting. Therefore version 0.9 of SBackup will be hitting you nearest mirror as we speak (I mean, I am uploading it now :)).
This realease is mostly a hey-this-thing-is-still-alive-and-kicking-ouch release and it also includes a TODO file with my plans for its future. I expect more feedback both on features and bugfixes for the stable 1.0 branch and for the planned 2.0 rewrite.
Also I spent couple of hours reviewing Wiki engines with an idea to put one on SourceForge to provide documentation for SBackup - I found no good candidates. I wanted a simple wiki, preferably in python, with MySQL database (SourceForge mounts web directories read-only). Not good. Now I am considering making a page in Wikipedia and using that as a documentation page. Scream at me violently if have any other solutions :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it isn't Python (or particularly simple), but MediaWiki has a page in the Installation Guide specifically for installation on sourceforge.

20 November, 2005 09:30  
Anonymous Richard said...


I'm using the Wikka Wiki for my sourcefourge pages, it's written in PHP, stores it's stuff in mySql, and works quite well.

20 November, 2005 12:23  
Anonymous Brandon Hale said...

You might be interested in Trac.

This is an all in one wiki, project tracker, and source code browser (primarily SVN, plugins for other CMS available).

It is written in python, relatively easy to set up, and uses sqlite by default.

20 November, 2005 15:42  

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