24 November 2005

Cosplay warm-up

The opening of AnimeFest went great - there were few cosplayers and a huge lot of general public. Anime is on the high.
The fest was opened by two cute girls - one of them was speaking in Latvian and the other in Russian. At first they were translating each others lines both then they diverged and even started a small dispute. You had to know both languages to "get" the joke, but I think most of the people in Latvia do know Russian enough for that.
The opening program consisted of "Howl's Moving Castle" - a truly wonderful anime movie from the same director as the "Spirited Away". A great fairy tail as expected from Studio Ghibly.

My blog is worth $5,645.40.
How much is your blog worth?

I have no idea why, but I would like to check out half of it, please :)


Anonymous Baloo said...

OK, I'm impressed. We have two languages in the US, English and Spanish. The latter isn't spoken here (except for the recordings on the automated stop announcements and the announcement that the doors are closing; when will our transit system learn we hate transit that talks to us for all the same reasons we hated cars that talked to us in the 1980s), so I've literally forgotten it all. But learning three languages, possibly four, with different alphabets...that's a trick...

28 November, 2005 04:33  

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