29 October 2005

A small gotcha witha too smart printer.
I have a PostScript capable printer (Lexmark C510) connected to one computer and I ofter print to there from my notebook trough CUPS. I noted that sometimes the printer would blink "busy" lamp and then go back to "ready" without printing anything. Usually I just printed to a PS file, converted it to PDF with ps2pdf and then it worked. (I had no time to investigate then)
Now, I found, what the problem was - some apps on the notebook were generating Letter size Postscript and the printer only had A4 paper, so it simply ignored the data after parsing it. Doh!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We here have even worse situation, when a printer (used by several people located in different rooms), when gets a Letter-formatted document, stops printing until someone will come to it and mechanically switch it to other paper size (it has a a4-letter switch on it's back).

Printer is Brother 1670, connected to a Debian server.
I've set up filters to feed this printer with PCL (created by gs, or got directly from windows clients). Although printer has some internal postscript support, it's terribly slow, PCL is processed 5-7 times faster.

Probably some PCL-level processing is possible - to change paper from letter to A4... Don't know :(.

Nikita Youshchenko,

30 October, 2005 00:32  

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