03 October 2005

I just had the weirdest dream ever - I am attacked by a daemon who has been raised to believe that the purpose of his existence is to kill me. I overpower him using some of my aikido, but when he tries to kill me while breaking his own arms, I try to stop him by threatening to kill him. He does not listen and I stick his own two knifes in him. He does not die, but weakens considerably and explains that I can't kill him because I do not want it enough, which seamed logical. :)
At this point the strangest thing starts - a small book made of round leather straps falls out of his pocket. The book. The language is clearly demonic, but I (and my friends that are gathered around) try to understand anyway. When we turn to the back of the front cover of the book, I find a circular writing that seams to be in Latin. In a jolt of intuition I start to read it in rhythm of a popular pop song. After around the half of the text, my friends join in. When we finish, we find that the book has transformed form 10cm circular thingies to a proper A4 book and when we turn the page, we see that the text is in Latvian now. We tried to browse forward, but text turned into gibberish further on.
A book that can only be read sequentially and translates itself to the language of the reader - nice idea. :) Unfortunately I woke up at that point and I still have no idea of what was written there. :(


Anonymous Gunnar Wolf said...

...I would really be freaked if I got a demoniac book with Latvian writings - Even more, if I recognized it as Latvian, of course.
But then again, I live on a different reality than you ;-)

03 October, 2005 20:31  
Blogger Aigarius said...

The point here is that the book recognised my lanuage and translated itself accordingly. I recall that there were many strange symbols besides the semi-latin text on the front - maybe people/creatures with different writing systems would read those. Anyhow it is "theoretically" possible to determine ones language by making him read a bunch of gibberish and analysing what is he reading (latin, cyrrilic, kanji, ...) and with what accent he is doing that.
That is the I idea that I took from this dream. I propably should patent it :)

03 October, 2005 23:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dream is almost as strange as me finding a blurb in my screensaver mentioning Aikido. Especially when I didn't realize my screensaver was pulling text from an rss feed on a Debian server.

05 October, 2005 03:15  

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