08 August 2005

0.3 release of SBackup :)

This week was a productive for me, but I did run into some unexpected
technical difficulities and thus had to work throught the weekend to
catch up.

I just did the 0.3 release on freashmeat and sourceforge.

Progress checklist:
* backend daemon - ok
* GUI configurator - ok
* commandline restore - 50% (need to write a directory extraction
function that is missing from python tarfile module)
* GUI restore - 95% (depends on command line restore)
* GUI to write a backup snapshot to cd - 0%, optional

Of course extensive optimisation, testing and polishing is quite needed too.

I should be able to finish the restore tools tomorrow if no other
major problems occur.


Anonymous Marlijs said...

Hi, I am just wondering would it will have progress bar or at least would it show remaining time?
From first look - I have very good impression, good job!!!

08 August, 2005 12:04  
Blogger Aigarius said...

Eventually - yes. At 1.0 release - maybe.
I am appraching this is sequence: make it work, make it faster, make it pretty. I have still some things tp do in the first two categories.

08 August, 2005 13:39  

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