22 June 2005


Last few weeks I am trying out an idea, that walking barefoot as much as possible is good for your feet. Even after a few first days walking barefoot inside my home, I noticed that it actually is more pleasant to the feet then walking in slippers or even in your socks.
Today I went for the next step and went to the nearby shop barefoot. I was expecting that the rough asphalt would feel unpleasant at first and that I will find quite a lot of glass on my way. It appears that I was wrong - asphalt felt quite nice and I hardly found any broken glass at all. I even risked and intentionally walked across some broken glass - I felt the edges, but you'll not cut your feet unless you drag them and dragging your feet is a bad idea in any situation :).
When I came back, my feet felt a bit strange - numb, just like your muscles feel after unusual amount of stress. I'll probably will try to do some training on that.


Anonymous Lukas said...

I'm walking barefoot in the summer since I was a kid - it always is just so much nicer than sweating in socks in shoes.

But the dirt of the modern living doesn't really fit to going barefoot - you will notice that the little dirt particles crimble into every fold under your feet; sometimes it even just burns like hell. But that's how we live, I suppose ...

22 June, 2005 22:40  
Blogger Aigarius said...

one one site i found an advise about that: wash your feet just as you would wash your hands. if you really cann't stand your feet being dirty, think of it as of a contest of who will get his feet the blackest :)

if something burns your feet, then it has penetrated your skin - either it was damaged or you stepped into some pretty active acid :)

22 June, 2005 23:27  
Anonymous said...

Well, it is just the small particles of dirt (in the city, not in the urban areas) that penetrates the feet. Even more if going the whole day barefoot ...

23 June, 2005 04:08  

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