25 April 2005

separate 'Out of Debian' blog?

Actually there seams not too much of the world outside Debian for me, BUT today I discovered for myself a concept of biofilms. It came up with a chat with a beutiful girl that aims to study microbiology.
It appears like bacteria floating in water and bacteria attached to a surface are two compleatly different things. When bacteria joing a biofilm colony it activates different genes and starts producing 'glue' to attach to the carrier surface. Many bacteria can have their resistances increased by a factor of 1000, the colony can even have a rudimental work separation among the bacteria. Thus a primitive selforganising multicell organism is formed.
And somehow I again start to see the relation of this to the free software community ... oh, no - I am hopeless! :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Debian Planet would be a horrible bore if it were only about Debian -- don't separate out the non-software stuff.

25 April, 2005 22:00  
Blogger Aigarius said...

It is more like a separation of stuff that would not be too interesting on the p.d.o - try reading a few posts from that second blog to understand why :)

26 April, 2005 00:10  

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