26 April 2005

LWN: An amd64 Debian sarge release in the works

LWN: An amd64 Debian sarge release in the works
I really hope that this release will work out fine and that it will also demonstrate feasibility of independant arhitecture specific teams doing releases for SCC arhitectures of Debian of post-Sarge.
I don't see in the problem package list. Does that mean it works on amd64 now? Should investigate that, but I don't have an amd64 workstation available currently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the story with for amd64. 1.x is not 64bit clean at all not to mention it is lacking asm stubs for x86_64. So OOo is completly excluded from the list of candidates. We didn't list things that will never work.

OOo 2.x promises to fix the 64bit issues and add x86_64 support but that is the future.

What users can do is run the 32bit i386 OOo package under ia64 or amd64 using the ia32-libs package or a chroot.

Why haven't we made a wrapper package like ia32-libs for OOo yet? The package source would be about 300MB building two (ia64/amd64) 150MB debs requireing a full upload for every point release. Do we dare add 600Mb to the mirror pulse for ever OOo upload?


27 April, 2005 12:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


BSD has support for 64bit computing since allmost year ago...

28 April, 2005 14:24  

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